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  Islamic Republic of Pakistan - Land & People
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The country has a generally hot and dry climate, with desert conditions prevailing throughout much of the area. Along the western border and in a section of the north there are semi-arid plains and deserts; a subtropical climate with marked summer rainfall is found in a small section of the northeast along the Himalayan foothills; and a mountain climate that varies with the altitude is found in the north. Pakistan has a rapidly growing population. Its people are a mixture of many ethnic groups. The Pathans of the northwest are a large, indigenous group, Baluchis, live mainly in the southwest, Punjabis reside mainly in the northeast and Sindhis in the southeast. Pakistan is an overwhelmingly (about 97%) Muslim country. Urdu is the official language, but Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Baluchi, and Brahvi are also spoken alongside English.
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