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  Islamic Republic of Pakistan - Key Facts
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Population (2001) 141.5 millions
Area 796,095 Sq. km
GDP in 2001 $ 59,605 million
Per Capita Income $ 420**
Exports (US$ million) 9,209
Imports (US$ million) 10,206
Pakistan Rupee
Exchange rate(/US $/Re) 58.3 Per US $ (as on 28.05.03)
Standard Time GMT+ 5 hours
Source: World Development Report 2003.
* The Statesman's Year Book- 2002, Page No. 1252
**Human Development in South Asia 2002

National Symbols

Pakistan National Symbol Pakistan National Emblem
Pakistan National Anthem

written by Abul Asar Hafeez Jallundhri and adopted in June 1954.
National Flag National Emblem National Anthem
Pakistan National Animal
Pakistan National Bird
Red-legged partridge
Pakistan National Flower
National Animal National Bird National Flower

National Festivals

Eid and other major Islamic festivals are widely celebrated.

National Holidays

Pakistan Day (23rd March), Independence Day (14th August) the birth and death anniversaries of Quaid-e-Azam (25th December and 11th September), and the birth day of the National Poet, Allama Mohammad Iqbal, (9th November).

National Games

Hockey is the national game, though Cricket is probably the most popular sport.

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