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Mr. N. Ram, a SAF trustee (second from right), participating
in a group discussion at the Asian College of Journalism (ACJ),
Chennai, India. Regional cooperation is promoted through a
programme in which SAF scholarships are annually given to a
young woman and a man from each South Asian country to
study together.

In keeping with its objective of promoting regional cooperation through education, South Asia Foundation has instituted a large number of scholarships for talented young students across South Asia. Realising the presence of a vast, untapped pool of talent in South Asia and the growing but unmet need for quality training and education in the region, SAF is offering group scholarships or gender-paired scholarships to two students each from eight South Asian countries. The SAF-Madanjeet Singh group scholarships will give students across South Asia an opportunity to train in a centre of excellence in the region.

And, in an effort to make higher education accessible to socially and economically disadvantaged students, SAF is offering ten thousand individual scholarships annually to bright young people across South Asia. This endeavour is directed at ensuring that in the matter of higher education students from non-privileged backgrounds are dictated by choice and not by economic and social necessity.

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