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The award of SAF Madanjeet Singh scholarships to
talented boys and girls from all the eight South
Asian countries to study together has given a new
dimension to the School of Visual Arts of the
Beaconhouse National University (BNU), Lahore,

The Beaconhouse National University is a no-profit initiative and one of Pakistan’s first private universities with schools of Visual Arts, Media and Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, and the School of Information and Computer Technology. The first group of young budding artists from all the eight SAF countries are at present studying the fundamentals of art, design and theory.

They are introduced to a range of materials and techniques in the two and three-dimensional aspects of art and design, including creative principles such as colour, composition, space, volume and texture, computer aided designs and technical drawings. SAF Group scholarship Programme is designed to encourage young people to live and work jointly as a team to promote regional cooperation and peace while developing their creative abilities and artistic individuality.

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