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The second SAF-Scouts friendship Camp, Maldives, February 15-22, 2003.

An equally successful Second SAF-Scout Friendship Camp with “Protection of the Environment” as its theme was held in Maldives on February 15-22, 2003. It provided 180 youngsters the rare opportunity to camp in Feydhoo Finolhu, an uninhabited island in the Indian Ocean.

Although the programmes and activities of the camp were similar to the one held in Bhutan, the environment was radically different. Scouts coming from the Himalayan regions, for example, had never seen the sea and were amazed how different this part of South Asia was from their own land.

Participating in SAF Scouts Friendship Camps is an
exhilarating novel experience for the youngsters
as they make new friends and discover strange
places they could not imagine. The scouts from
Himalayan regions were amazed to see the sea for
the first time in Maldives.

Along with their companions from the other countries they enjoyed the marine paradise - bathed in the ocean, collected corals and watched the ships - regaling all the while in each others company. Amidst the enchanting environment they had become one family.

Cultural shows and handicraft exhibitions were also organized and a comprehensive resolution on the environment was adopted by the participants.

The practice of holding annual SAF Scouts Friendship Camps has been formalized recently with the signing of a MOU between South Asia Foundation and the Chief Commissioners of National Scout Organizations in South Asia. In conformity with the resolutions adopted by SAF Chairpersons at a meeting held on 9 April 2002, at Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France, it was decided that SAF shall not undertake any project without a matching contribution by the partner organization and the participants
equally share the costs and responsibilities of joint ventures.

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