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SAF-Scouts Friendship Camp, Bhutan, February 21-26, 2002

The First SAF-Scout Friendship Camp was held from February 21- 26, 2002, in Bhutan, a country nestled amidst the spectacular beauty of the Himalayas. “Regional Cooperation” was the theme of the camp in which 550 girls and boys from all the seven South Asian countries participated. At the end of a week of pageantry, dance and music, the youngsters had developed a remarkable sense of friendship and solidarity. They not only exchanged gifts but even their clothes with the result that they could not be identified by the country to which they belonged.

A resolutions on Regional Cooperation was adopted and it was proposed to nominate outstanding scouts (a boy and a girl) who actively promoted the spirit of cooperation as "SAF Goodwill Ambassador". It was decided that similar SAF Scouts Friendship Camps be held annually in each of the other South Asian countries in rotation, and through a ballot, Maldives was chosen as the next venue of the camp.

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