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  Kingdom of Bhutan - Key Facts
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Population (1996) 600,000
Area Comparative: Land area: 38, 394 sq. km.
Capital Thimphu
Average Annual Income US $ 550
Currency 1 ngultrum = 100 chetrum
The Ngultrum is pegged at par and is freely convertible with the Indian Rupee.
Exchange Rate 49 Bhutanese Ngultrum (Nu.) = US$1/- ( August 2002)
Major Language Dzongkha (official)
Major Religions Mahayana school of Buddhism (official), Hinduism
International Dialing Code +975
Internet Domain .bt
Main Exports Electricity, timber, cement, agricultural products, handicrafts

National Symbols - Flag Description

Bhutan's national flag is divided diagonally with a white dragon across the middle. The upper part of the flag is golden yellow representing the secular power of the King. The power part is orange symbolizing the Buddhist faith. The white of the dragon is associated with purity and represents Bhutan. It’s claws hold on to jewels which represent the wealth and perfection of the country.

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