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Population 133.4 million
Area 147,570 Sq. Km.
Population (1991)
9.9 million*
GDP in 2001 $ 46,652 million (US)
Per Capita Income $ 370
Exports in 2001 (US$ million) 6,300
Imports in 2001 (US$ million) 8,154

Exchange rate (Tk/US $)
(as on 22.04.2003)

Standard Time GMT+ 6 hours
Source: World Development Report 2003,
* Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 2001

Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh Emblem

Amar Shonar Bangla
Composed by Rabindranath Tagore in 1913
National Flag National Emblem National Anthem
Bangladesh National Animal
Royal Bengal Tiger
Bangladesh National Bird
The Doel ( Magpie Robin)
Bangladesh National Flower
Water Lily (Shapla)
National Animal National Bird National Flower
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