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Alarmed with the trafficking of women in South Asia, SAF decided to upgrade the UNESCO sponsored programme "Integrated Education and Capacity Building for Adolescent Girls and Children", by funding a batch of 25 socially victimised girls in computer training, a nine-month course which started in early 2002 at Maiti-Nepal, Kathmandu.

A SAF trainer (standing) at the Maiti training centre in Nepal.
The UNESCO project, “Integrated Education, Health
and Capacity Building for Adolescent Girls” in South
Asia is supported by SAF in which vulnerable
orphaned, abused and trafficked girls are trained in
computer skills - thus enabling them to take up
more lucrative and “respectable” professions.

The SAF computer training project expanded rapidly as the first group of girls having completed their training are now able to hold their own computer classes for their colleagues. Additional crash courses have since been added in the basics of computers and in multimedia systems.

Maiti-Nepal has done some remarkable work in retrieving and rehabilitating abandoned children, bonded labourers and destitute women. Its rehabilitation projects and workshops are located in different parts of Nepal and several repatriation centres in India and Bangladesh, situated in Delhi, Kolkata, Siliguri, Kishanguni and Pune.

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