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Tips on Searching

Users may type in the keywords they are looking for, or may use the comprehensive and exhaustive list of alphabetical keywords in the SAFDIC database. These keywords are compiled by highly qualified researchers for an easy search.

In this section, you have two options to search the material of your choice:

1. Please write a query term such as author's name, keyword(s) or the title of the book in the Search Box and then press "Submit your query" button to begin the search.

2. If you are not sure about the keywords to be entered in the Search Box and if you want to get more keywords which are readily available, you have the option of browsing through a list of keywords given in an alphabetical order. Please click on any alphabet to see the related keywords.

Once you choose a keyword, please click on it.

After submitting your query item, you will get the whole list of relevant books and other documents in the following format:

a) Accession number
b) Title
c) Author
d) Publisher
e) Price

On selecting the title of the book, you will get the following additional information:

a) Short Descirption about the Book
b) Table of Contents

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