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  Republic of Maldives - Key Facts
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Population (2000) 270,101
Area(including sea ) 115,300 sq. km
GDP in 2001(US$ million) 581.7
Per Capita Income-2001(in US $) 1,968
Exports (2001)(US$ million) 76.298
Imports (2001)(US$ million) 385.921
Exchange rate for the US $ 12.80
Standard Time GMT+ 5 hours
Source: Maldives Key Indicators 2002

National Symbols

Maldives National Flag Maldives National Emblem
The crescent, a star, a coconut palm, two national flags and a banner with the traditional title of the state "Ad-Dawlat Al-Mahaldheebiyya" ("The State of the Maldives") represent the National emblem
National Flag National Emblem
Maldives National Flower
Pink Rose
Gawmii salaam
'Gavmii mi ekuverikan matii tibegen kuriime salaam...'
Written by M.J. Didi; and music by W. Amaradeva.
National Flower National Anthem

National Holidays and Festivals

  • New Year's Day
  • Haj Day: Celebrates the day all Muslims perform the Haj which is the fifth pillar of the Islamic religion. All Muslims are expected to make the pilgrimage to Mecca and perform the Haj once in their lives if circumstances enable them to do so.
  • Al'h'aa Eid Day: The day after Haj Day known commonly in the Maldives as Bodu (meaning 'big') Eid. Celebrated with feasting, fun and games.
  • Islamic New Year
  • National Day: Celebrates victory over the Portuguese in 1578.
  • Prophet Mohamed's Birthday
  • The day Maldives embraced Islam
  • Independence Day:Celebrates Maldives gaining independence from the British in 1965.
  • Victory Day: Celebrates victory over the terrorists who attacked Maldives in 1988.
  • Republic Day: Celebrates Maldives becoming a Republic in 1968.
  • Beginning of Ramadan: Ramadan is the fasting month observed by all Muslims. Fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam and abstinence from food, water, cigarettes and sex from sunrise to sunset is compulsory for all Muslims. While Ramadan is a month of prayer and abstinence, in the Maldives it is also a month of feasting and celebration by tradition. The hours preceding sunset are often spent by the women in the kitchen preparing veritable feasts for the breaking of fast and once the evening prayers are finished fun and games go on until late in the night.
  • Fith'r Eid Day:Celebrates the sighting of the new moon which marks the end of Ramadan. Known as Kuda (meaning 'small') Eid this is traditionally a day of feasting and relaxation.
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