South Asian Journal ( Pakistan )
Year:  2010 Month:  december Volume:  30 Number:  -
Publisher:  Free Media Foundation Place of Publication:  Lahore, Pakistan Price:  Rs 1200

Contents of the Journal

Judicial Activism and Good governance in India. Madhav Godbole
Judicial Activism in India and Pakistan Khaled Ahmed
Bangladesh Experience with Judicial Activism. Ridwanul Hoque
Judicial Activism and Environment in India Shibani Ghosh
Protection of Environment through Judicial Activism in Bangladesh. Abdullah Al Farque
Legal Awareness in Bhutan Lungten Dubgyur
The History of Political Parties in Pakistan. Hasan Askari Rizvi
Geelani and the Politics of Accession in Jammu and Kashmir. Yoginder Sikand
Floods in Pakistan a Brief overview. Zaighan Habib and Muhammad Nawaz
Towards Energy Independence in Pakistan. Aasir Kazmi and Shahbaz Khan

Book Reviews
A New Choreography of two Nineteenth Century Wars . P Radhakrishnan -
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